Bottom Stirred Autoclaves

Salient Features

  • For high through-put catalyst screening / testing / research / QC
  • 4 nos. or 6 nos. parallel reactors
  • 25ml to 750ml volume
  • Pressures upto 200 bar (2900 psi) & temperatures upto 200°C
  • Available in different Material of Constructions (MOC) like SS-316, SS-316L, Hastelloy B/C, Monel, Inconel, Titanium etc.
  • Bottom Magnetic Stirring
  • Very compact, economical & maintenance free
  • Automated PC controlled option to continuously monitor, control & record various parameters like temperature, pressure, motor speed, gas / liquid flow, pH, turbidity, IR etc.
  • Our Bottom Stirred Autoclaves / Reactors are used in laboratories for less viscous liquid and gas applications. We can supply volumes right from 25ml upto 2Ltrs with pressure and temperature combination of 100 bars and 180°C respectively. This gives a price competitive alternative to our overhead stirred reactors. It is compact in size with built in control panel for easy accessibility

Standard models for Bottom Stirred Autoclaves

Volume 25 ml 50 ml 100 ml
Model no. B 1112 B 1122 B 1212 B 1222 B 1312 B 1322
Design Pressure 100 bar 200 bar 100 bar 200 bar 100 bar 200 bar
Design Temperature 200°C
Vessel I/D (mm) 30 40
Vessel Internal Height (mm) 40 63 83
Volume 250 ml 500 ml 750 ml
Model no. B 1412 B 1422 B 2112 B 2122 B 2212 B 2222
Design Pressure 100 bar 200 bar 100 bar 200 bar 100 bar 200 bar
Design Temperature 200°C
Vessel I/D (mm) 65 75
Vessel Internal Height (mm) 80 118 193

Note: The above ratings are only for SS316, Hastelloy C & Inconel materials, for other materials the ratings will change depending on its stress value & maximum allowable temperature as per ASME code.

Technical specification for bottom stirred autoclaves standard models

Sr. Description Specification
A Material of Construction SS 316
B Head Mounting Style Removable head and vessel design
C Heating Type Electrical ceramic band heater with cladding & insulation
D Stirrer Bottom magnetic stirrer & teflon bar
E Standard Nozzles, Valves & Fittings External Valves & Fittings:
Pressure gauge, safety rupture disc, gas inlet and liquid sampling needle valve with common dip tube, vent needle valve, solenoid valve at inlet of cooling coil
Internal Fittings:
Serpentine cooling coil (50 ml to 250 ml), Helical cooling coil (500 ml & 750 ml), dip tube, thermowell with RTD PT 100 sensor
F Gasket PTFE
G Closure Type Split clamp with clamp bolts
H Control Panel Built in control panel with microprocessor based programmable PID temperature controller with high temperature alarm & motor speed indicator mounted on it
I Power Supply 1Ø, 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
J Mounting Dimensions Mounting Reactor Volume in ml Dimensions in mm
Width Depth Height
SS Table Top 25, 50, 100 & 250 280 320 480
500 280 320 570
750 280 320 570

Enquiry guide for bottom stirred autoclave customized models

Enquiry code structure is B Standard Model No A-G where A, G options can be selected from below tables. The below options will be in place of standard supply. For example 250 ml, 200 bar, 200°C, Inconel 600, threaded cap with 'O' ring-FKM (Viton) up to 225°C autoclave codewill read as B 1422-IN6-CV

A Material of Construction
SS 316L 316L
Hastelloy C 276 HC6
Hastelloy C 22 HC2
Hastelloy B HB
Monel B MN4
Inconel 600 IN6
Inconel 625 IN5
Titanium Gr. 2 TI2
Zirconium 702 ZR7
Tantalum TAN
Tantalum Lined TNL
G Closure Type
Threaded cap with FKM (Viton)'O' ring (50 ml - 250 ml) CV
Threaded cap with FFKM (Kalrez) 'O' ring (50 ml - 250 ml) CK
Split clamp with FKM (Viton)'O' ring up (upto 100 bar, 500 / 750 ml) CV
Split clamp with FFKM (Kalrez) 'O' ring (upto 100 bar, 500 / 750 ml) CK
  1. Customer is advised to select best suited options for most optimized price & delivery.
  2. For other optional accessories please refer Accessories tab
  3. All above options may not be available / possible with all models.
  4. Customization of volume, material, pressure, temperature etc. may be possible on request.
  5. Overall dimensions are indicative, they may change depending on the optional accessories or specific design modifications opted.

Optional Accessories

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